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Alfalfa, also known as Lucerne, is a legume grown around the world as a forage crop. It has the highest feeding values of all the hay crops as it is high in both protein and digestible fibres.

Its structure is ideal for providing optimum 'scratch effect' in ruminants. This scratch effect is essential for correct rumen function, especially when high starch diets are being fed.

The inclusion of alfalfa in our complete diets ensures digestive upsets are minimised, without compromising on maximum daily live weight gain. Our Complete Calf Starter, Complete Calf Grower, Complete Bean Meal and Super Elite all contain alfalfa.

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With our own TASCC approved logistics fleet, we can offer our customers transportation options to meet every customer requirement.  Available for bulk tipped / blown, mini tote and 25kg bags (mini tote offloading available on request).  With every delivery, our sales team will endeavour to meet your requests


Operating under different quality accreditations as below, we ensure that legislation, compliance and quality control are key considerations in the decision making of the business’s agriculture division therefore allowing us to manufacture consistently to a high standard.

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