Complete Bean Meal

✅ A complete diet for fattening beef cattle where high weight gains are required.
✅ Introduce gradually and feed with good quality roughage - watch them put on the kilos!
✅ Contains alfalfa and straw, the ideal roughage combination for the heavy bull.
✅ Includes TMR Bullpower mineral pack.
✅ Available for delivery or collection in bulk and mini totes.
✅ In order to optimise your forage and to ensure the best performance of your animals, get your forage analysed so that we can advise on the best suited ration for your needs.

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Crude Protein 13.50%
Oil 4.10%
Fibre 10.60%
Starch & Sugars 29.50%
ME (Energy) 10.60 MJ/KG


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✅ Contains proper levels of yeast as well as an optimum level of digestible fibres ensuring good rumen function.
✅ Includes high levels of flaked maize, barley and beans thereby ensuring good digestibility.
✅ Well-fortified with minerals and vitamins for the heavyweight bull.

TMR Bullpower

Calcium carbonate, salt, monodicalcium phosphate, minerals and vitamins, yeast
Vitamin A: 200,000iu/kg Copper: 1,130mg/kg
Vitamin D3: 40,000iu/kg Selenium: 15mg/kg
Vitamin E: 1,000mg/kg Calcium: 15%
Phosphorus: 2% Salt: 8%
Yeast (as Saccharomyces Cervisiae, ref.No.MUCL 39885:): 1.8x1010 /kg

Feeding TMR Bullpower will:

  • Stimulate forage digestion
  • Improve microbial protein supply
  • Modulate rumen pH
  • Reduce acidosis and bloat
  • Reduce laminitis
  • Improve feed intake
  • Improve feed utilisation
  • Improve daily liveweight gain by up to 11%
  • Improve carcase gain
  • Improve killout percentage
  • Improve grading
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Data sheet

Crude Protein13.50%
Starch & Sugars29.50%
ME (Energy)10.60 MJ/KG

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