Complete Calf Grower 15%

✅ Palatable grower ration for young calves of at least twelve weeks old.
✅ No forage required as it contains alfalfa, a high quality roughage ideal for the young ruminant.
✅ Due to the inclusion of fibre in this diet, quality ingredients can be fed at higher rates, giving improved weight gain.
✅ Labour costs are reduced as calves can be fed once a day.
✅ Available for delivery or collection in bulk, mini totes and 25kg bags.
✅ This Capper calf diet contains optimum levels of fibre for the correct development of the rumen.
✅ Its extremely important to maximise growth rates and ensure the calf's development is optimised.  By feeding this type of diet with the correct levels of fibre will minimise problems like summer scour which is becoming very prevalent on a lot of farms where calves are being reared.  This will also reduce incidents of acidosis. 

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Crude Protein 15.10%
Oil 2.90%
Fibre 14.70%
Starch & Sugars 23.60%
ME (Energy) 10.00 MJ/KG


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✅ Optimum level of digestible fibres included to encourage intakes.
✅ Contains optimum levels of cooked flaked materials including maize, barley and soya.
✅ Contains ‘Protected Hi Pro (Bean) Meal, a protein source containing an appropriate balance of amino acids for the fast-growing calf.
✅ A high level of vitamin E is included to help boost the calf’s developing immune system.

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Crude Protein15.10%
Starch & Sugars23.60%
ME (Energy)10.00 MJ/KG

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