Milled Straw (Eucalyptus) - Small Bale

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  • Warm & Extremely Absorbent
  • Virtually Dust Free
  • Pleasant Fragrance 
  • 100% Natural 

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Capper Trading’s natural milled straw has been formed to provide Horse owners, domestic pets, livestock farmers and the poultry market with a perfect natural and comfortable bedding with enhanced absorbency whilst eliminating harmful dust levels which may cause allergies or even develop respiratory issues. When our straw is milled, it is passed through an extraction unit which leaves it virtually dust free, making our bedding unique enable our customers to have a superior yet cost effective bedding product. Wheat undergoes a rigourous milling process, which enhances its absorbency.

The scented fragrance in the straw (eucalyptus) is also a major plus point as make the bedding effectively unappetizing which is essential for horses that are on restricted diets etc. Due to the absorbency levels in the milled straw it keeps muck heaps smaller and more manageable.

 Why use our Natural Milled Straw?

100% Natural Wheat Straw

Milled and dust extracted

Moisture levels never exceed 12% before baling

Extremely absorbent

Can be treated with Eucalyptus to discourage eating

Cost Effective      

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