Lamb Fattener 14%

✅ Contains high levels of palatable raw materials, thus ensuring good intakes of high digestible feed and high daily live weight gain.
✅ Contains highly palatable sources of protein.
✅ Ideal for the finishing lamb or hogget.
✅ Available for delivery or collection in bulk, mini totes and 25kg bags.

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Crude Protein 14.38%
Oil 2.49%
Fibre 8.89%
Starch & Sugars 35.92%
ME (Energy) 11.00 MJ/KG


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✅ Contains the correct level of vitamins and minerals, ensuring proper skeletal development while at the same time, reducing the lamb’s risk of developing urinary calculi.

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Crude Protein14.38%
Starch & Sugars35.92%
ME (Energy)11.00 MJ/KG

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